Thursday, May 3, 2007


To answer Kylie, I thought I'd elaborate a little on my previous,, frustrated post.

Monday, I got an e-mail from my primary reader (the person who determines my grade for my thesis course) asking if I was done, because the program coordinator wants a grade for me. And up to Monday, my reader hadn't actually seen my paper (such as it was).

As a result, I haven't had much luck with eating or sleeping this week, let alone working out. And that's been very frustrating, because I was hoping to use these last two weeks before my retreat in Idyllwild to base build and try to get a little more endurance before I start really building for Shawnee Mission.

However, in the past three days I've revised and expanded a 19-page caterpillar until it has become a beautiful, colorful, 40-page butterfly. Besides which, one of my fellow thesis-writing friends and I decided it would be fun to cut my hair as a break from writing and editing. So I also got a haircut (instead of sleeping). I guess I have accomplished something, and I'm proud of said accomplishment. My coach was just telling me the other day that, as an amateur athlete, I have to recognize that my training is not life-and-death; if something comes up and I have to back off for a few days, I have the freedom to do that.

But I have wrapped up my thesis. Today, I went to the Huntington Library to meet with my reader and go over my work, page by page. It took five hours, and he made several recommendations, which I might still try to implement before leaving for Wildflower tomorrow morning. Fortunately, I'm not racing (couldn't justify the entry fee), but I will be there to volunteer and cheer on my fellow triathletes.

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