Cycling Workouts

Chances are good that you found my site by looking for a cycling workout. Here you can find all the free workouts that I have available.

Race Warm-up

S&H46 - Technique
S&H6 - Chase & Pursuit
Spinning Workout 2 - Cadence
Spinning Workout 4 - Intro to Climbing
Spinning Workout 18 - Rollers
Spinning Workout 26 - Slow Burn
Spinning Workout 27 - Sweatfest
Spinning Workout 5 - Cadence
Spinning Workout 28 - Endurance
Amanda's Cycling Workout
Eli's Cycling Workout

These aren't cycling specific, but they are workouts, and they are free!
HIIT Workout 1 & 2

And I have a single running workout for use on a treadmill.

Running Podcast 1 - Overspeed

With all the training tools available these days for smart cycling training, sometimes you just need an old-fashioned sweatfest! I have a whole collection of workouts available for sale that are perfect for times when you can't access Zwift or your smart trainer, but you still want a tough, structured workout. Or maybe you enjoy spin classes, but the sessions at your local gym just don't work with your schedule! Take a look at the workouts below and select a few that look good!

Quick note: Once you pay for workouts through PayPal, I receive an e-mail telling me what you ordered. At that point, I'll send you either a link (for stock workouts) to download the workout(s) you ordered, or an e-mail asking what kind of workout and music you'd like (for custom workouts). Be sure when you check out with PayPal to use an e-mail that you check regularly!

Beginnings & Endings
Warm-up only - Eight-and-a-half minutes to get you ready for high intensity exercise
Cool-down only - An easy ten minutes to bring you back down from some seriously hard work

Which one?
Short, high-intensity
High Intensity Set - 
High Intensity Suffering - 

Which one?
30-minute workouts
Quickie - Cadence and climbing work set to pop and rock
Short set 1 - Focus on accelerations, with a background of upbeat pop and rock
Short set 2 - Work in the big chainring to heavy rock
Short set 3 - Technique work set to upbeat 80's and 90's pop
Short set 4 - Focus on climbing, with a background of 90's alternative rock
Short set 5 - Lots of sprinting to pop and rock music

Which one?
45-minute workouts
Beginner's Climbs - Rolling hills with a beginner-friendly focus on climbing technique; pop and rock music
Beginner's Cadence - Focus on establishing and increasing leg speed; pop and rock music
Pyramid Workout - Increasing- and decreasing-duration intervals set to rock
Rolling Hills - Seated and standing climbs with rock music in the background
Triathlete's 45 - A triathlete-focused workout to rock, blues, and country
Variety Workout - A little bit of everything; pop with a lot of Bruce Springsteen
Workout on Rollers - A workout designed to be used with rollers instead of a trainer; rock music
Workout on Rollers 2 - More rollers work, with techno and electronic music
Workout on Rollers 3 - A third rollers workout, with electronic and dance music

Which one?
60-minute Workouts
Country Rollers - Okay, this one's actually 50 minutes. Rolling hills and country music!
General Fitness 1 - 5: Workouts with a good variety, set to pop and rock music

Which one?
Long Ride 1 - 60 minutes with minimal coaching to let you focus on a long ride; variety of musical styles
Long Ride 2 - Same as above, with a variety of pop rock
Long Ride 3 - Same as 1 and 2, with a variety of upbeat rock

Which one?
Build Intervals - A highly-structured workout of 8 x  minutes building intensity followed by 4 minutes of rest; classic rock
Tabata! - A highly-structured tabata session; general rock
Climbing technique - A 60-minute workout focused on improving climbing technique; pop and dance music

Which one?
False flat - Cadence work with moderate to high resistance to make your legs cry; rock music
Heavy Legs 1 - Make your legs hurt! Heavy rock
Heavy Legs 2 - Make your legs hurt more! Classic rock

Which one?
Pop Workout 1 - A general fitness workout set to pop music
Pop Workout 2 - Pursuit-style workout set to pop music
Pop Workout 3 - Progressively bigger/longer climbs set to pop music
Pop Workout 4 - Pyramid Intervals set to pop music

Which one?
Intensity! - Hill climbs and high-intensity intervals; pop and rock
Spin Class 1 - A general workout like you'd get at the gym! Pop, rock, and oldies
Spin Class 2 - Same as above, with pop and dance music
Upbeat Workout - A workout designed to burn lots of calories set to upbeat pop and dance

Which one?
Longer than 60 minutes
Girl Talk (75 minutes) - A pyramid-style interval workout set to an album by the group Girl Talk
Big climbs (90 minutes) - Spin class-style workout featuring two monster mountains! General rock music
Mountain Bike Racing (90 minutes) - A workout based on two laps of an actual mountain bike course; rock and electronic music
Pop Workout 120 (120 minutes) - Long, rolling hills set to pop music

Which One?

Got what you need?

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  1. Jamie--I've been using your free cycling workouts for years and have promised myself I'd buy some soon--both to support you and because (not surprisingly!) even awesome workouts get old after the 10th or 12th time. Anyway, I just wanted to drop in to say THANK YOU for the awesome workouts. They're the best, and I hope you're well!