Sunday, September 21, 2008

For the First Time in a Long Time . . .

I've found something exciting.

Here's my next project.

Now go ahead and tell me that doesn't look like fun.


  1. I want to try that too!! I've been thinking about that for a while!

  2. Well this is your year, Steve! Let's keep each other updated on what we're learning!

  3. Hey Jamie, I found these 5 YouTube videos with tips on dismounting/remounting/drills.

    I haven't tried running mounts on grass yet, but it at least made me a little more confident about my first 'cross race!

  4. Those are great! Thanks J!

    What I'm really concerned about is the sheer weight of my bike. I know I can pick it up and carry it, but I don't think I want to run up a bunch of stairs with it. I'm looking at making a few weight-cutting upgrades, probably starting with the wheels.

  5. That sounds so fun and I bet my man would love it. I will have to send him some info and see if he wants to get involved. Thanks for the tipoff!


  6. Glad to be of service, Jenn! Let me know how it works out with your man :-)

  7. it doesnt look like fun.



    a wimpy MizFit

  8. i just found your blog by searching for 45 minute spinning and here you are. i plan to get your podcasts on to my ipod some how, have any advice how to do that. i just started spinning a few months ago after a year of being addicted to running, i need to change things up. off to check out the rest of your blog

  9. @Miz: I guess I wouldn't expect spray-on tan and that much mud to mix well ;-)

    @Tami: Excellent! I originally started this blog because I couldn't find any cool spinning workouts online! "Alright," I decided. "I shall make my own!" Now that the triathlon season is ending, you'll start seeing new spinning podcasts up here again (I'm working on one right now, as a matter of fact). I have been known to operate off of request and also to make personal spinning workouts, so if you'd like to see anything in particular, please don't hesitate to ask!

  10. It looks kind of... dirty. An hour in hell, then another hour in bike cleaning hell.

    I look forward to reading about it. Cyclocross is kind of a mystery to me.