Monday, March 30, 2009

Runner's High: With Friends

You guys have already heard me grouse (twice) about how the training gods jealously foiled my first date with my new bike. And I wasn't the only one (although TriGreyhound did manage to get out on his new ride this weekend).

Of course, other Wichita triathletes were equally bedfuddled by the nasty weather--we all had long bikes and/or runs planned. So one resident tri buddy (who coaches for the Wichita YMCA) organized a spinning soiree in one of the Y's (small, poorly-ventilated) aerobics studios.

And let me tell ya--that was a blast.

Last night, when I was spinning to my own music and watching the NCAA men's tournament, I had trouble keeping my heart rate above 130; today, 145 felt effortless. I got to meet and talk with a bunch of relative newbies I'd never met. One of the athletes I coach was there and we ran and swam together after a couple hours of trainer time.

Working out in a group (even for an introvert like me) is just better. Solo workouts are great too; but they can't match the ease and intensity of swimming, biking, and running with friends.


  1. It's funny how I love to teach my "group" cycling classes but when it comes to my own training, I love solo training.

    Glad you had a great time!

  2. i am 90% sure I am going to run a marathon in October, think it's too early to solicit friends for my long runs?

  3. hey I jus wanted to say that you have a great blog going! I've just set up my own at and I keep finding you in triathlon searches! So congratulations, you're VERY well indexed by the search engines haha!

    Anyway, I'll stop by from time to time to check it. Good luck!

  4. Sounds like a good time! Hope spring heads your way soon!