Thursday, April 3, 2014

Weekly Update: Week 9

I gave my two weeks notice at Dick's. It's a relief to be done with that job. It was a poor fit for me.

I've also re-tooled my training schedule to focus on shorter races during the summer, then build to the Rev3 Half in September. It will give me plenty of time to build my fitness up, without getting injured. Hopefully, I'll get the go-ahead from my doctor to get back to training next week!

I'm a little concerned about money; I was very excited about the amount I was making working two jobs, but with just QuikTrip, it's going to be tight. I feel like I'm better than this. I'm in the 98th percentile, in terms of intelligence. I became the most competent person in the footwear department at Dick's in a matter of weeks. How am I just scraping by nearing age 30, while plenty of people (who are not nearly as smart or capable as I am) my age are settling comfortably into the middle class?


  1. You’re going to be okay. As you know, intelligence and wealth don’t necessarily equate. Affluent people just have less to worry about when making decisions, especially financial ones. You have proven yourself to be savvy in the past. Maintain your focus on living within your means (avoid borrowing), saving for the future (investing) and becoming self-sufficient. You do and think differently than most of us in the “middle-class” who follow the status-quo. Success is not about money—as you well know; it’s about using the gifts given to us by the universe to open the flow for happiness and more creativity.

  2. Well, you asked, so I suppose you won't mind me trying and answering it, right? IMHO, you're asking the wrong question. It's not a matter of "how come I'm smarter and doing worse", the same way it's not a matter of "how come I'm a more talented athlete and I'm finishing out of the podium".

    Forget the comparisons, focus on what you want, on how to get there and devise a overall plan that can accommodate the setbacks that you'll have. And stick to it.

    Sure, QT pays the bills, but then what? This only makes sense if it's a stepping stone into something different and more fulfilling.

    Hope you don't mind me saying it. I follow your blog for a while (don't know how I got here) and it breaks my hearth every time I see a post like the this.