Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Race Report: BikenetiCX

In which: I get last place, but have a move named after me!

Sometimes, there are no words that will communicate the pain and ecstasy of cyclocross racing. I give you, instead, my race in pictures:
The one in the rainbow stripes comes by them honestly; she's a masters world champion! Photo credit: Dominion Cycling Photography
Having a fine time in the first lap! Photo credit: Dominion Cycling Photography
Still in the first lap, I'm sitting second wheel to the race leader. Photo credit: Dominion Cycling Photography
And now I give you my crowning glory: The Morton!

 And in sequence:
Now let's see it from another angle:

That giant playing card is for a prize, by the way. I don't normally ride with playing cards in my mouth.
And one more, so you really get the idea:
The Morton, that's what the cool kids are calling it! Photo credit: Darrell Parks
You'll probably want a GIF of that.

And that's pretty much all you need to know about my BikenetiCX race!

(Although, if you're interested, I got last place in the women's 1/2/3 and lost the Sportif Cup by 3 points because I raced the 1/2/3 instead of the 3/4. Even so, I feel this was a fitting end to my MABRA cyclocross career. I mean I have a move named after me. That's better than any trophy!)

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