Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Spinning Workout 2 - Cadence (45 minutes)

Here it is: my first spinning podcast. I wanted to share this workout because I know how convenient it is to have a prefabricated playlist, with appropriate tempos for keeping cadence and everything, but I've had trouble finding playlists with music that I actually like (for example, fitpod is a great resource, but I don't really enjoy the music). So I wanted to provide a full workout for people who don't have access to cycling or spinning classes, or who prefer to do their workouts outside.

By the way, this is the same workout that I taught the other day at Genesis.

The General (4:06)
: Warm up

Inside Out (3:38) : Seated, (3), focus on cadence : Pick up cadence at chorus : +(4) on 2nd verse, time trial : Up on bridge, keep good cadence : Down, pick up on final chorus
Breathing (3:38) : Quick legs (3) : Pick it up at chorus : Up, +(4) at 2nd verse : Pick it up at 2nd chorus : +(5), quick legs : -(4), down at final verse : Pick it up at final chorus : Accelerate through last repetition of chorus to end (about :25)
Machine Gun Song (2:50) : -(3), back off, but still quick, even cadence : +(4), at first chorus (BANG BANG!), keep cadence going : +(5) at bridge : --(3) at coda : +(4) at chorus : +(5) at second bridge
She (4:01) : --(3), spin it out : +(4), cadence, power output : +(5), at chorus, maintain cadence : -(4), back it off a little at outro
Ammunition (3:46) : -(3), spin it out : Get cadence going at beginning of music : Pick it up at chorus : +(4) at 2nd verse : Pick it up at chorus : Pick it up at final chorus : Accelerate to the end
Standing in the Way of Control (4:16) : Back it off, leave at (4) : Quick legs : Accelerate at the refrain : Jumps on 2nd verse : Stay standing, accelerate at refrain : Sit down, back off to normal cadence at bridge : Jumps on 3rd verse : Sit down, accelerate through refrain
The Middle (2:45) : Back it off, -(3) : Quick legs : Sprint at first chorus (:12) : +(4), up : S sprint at 2nd chorus (:12) : Down at instrumental : Sprint to end (:24)
Redemption (3:06) : Back it off, -(3) : Quick legs : +(4) at chorus : +(5), up at 2nd verse : +(6) at 2nd chorus : -(5), down at change of section
I Wanna Be Sedated (2:29) : Climb in (5) : Jumps at chorus : +(6) at 2nd verse : Jumps at chorus : Up, stay up : +(7) at modulation : --(5), at 4th verse : Jumps at chorus
Everlong (4:10) : Descent with sprints
The Swimming Song (2:33) : Cool down
The Gypsy Kings (4:18) : Stretching

Note: Click on the title to be taken to the podcast audio file.


  1. officially kicked my a$$. That was great!

  2. Jamie, Thanks for posting your cycling podcasts! Being a cycling rookie, it is really helpful to have someone in my ear while I am on the stationary bike. I noticed you are sporting USC gear in a few of your photos. Fight On! I am a current SC student and plan to race in my first tri this summer. Keep the podcasts coming, please!

  3. thankyou for all the music and profile suggestions, notsure if i understand the +5 or -4 numbers, do you use a in Madd dog, we use resistance of 1 to 10, can you please clarify, also, the:25 and other numbers what doees teh :: indicate. and are you indicating RPM(rotations per min, or cadence, i seem to missed it in the above explination, thanks

  4. i am confused as to how to get this on my itunes...i subscribed to your podcasts but i want this one and i cannot find it. any help would be email is

  5. That was great! Do you have more of this? Thanks for sharing!