Sunday, February 24, 2008

RAW: Days 6 and 7

Yesterday was race day. I ate mostly raw, but scarfed up whatever was on hand, right after (oranges, bananas, granola bars, gatorade) and celebrated by having a nice (COOKED!) dinner with my dad. Race report to follow.

Today is not going well. I am sick of eating frickin' leafy greens, but trying to stay away from too much dried fruit to avoid the simple sugars. I'm currently munching on mushrooms. Furthermore, I feel hostile towards the entire raw community. I've been surfing message boards, reading chirpy posts, and wanting to punch all those raw food nuts in the face. Not so much enjoying this lifestyle, at the moment.

Finally, I've been trying to find some solid evidence on the benefits of a living food diet. I know the basic theory: heating food above 118 F for longer than 3 minutes denatures the protein, caramelizes the sugar, and destroys the enzymes that are built into the food to help it be digested. But I would like to see some data on the actual science behind this. Every article I've found on line strikes me as a knee-jerk, defensive, propagandistic, and even fanatical. I get that this is something people really believe in; maybe it's something I could believe in. I've even found a few good articles, and I think, "Okay, I can buy that . . . but if you have studies, show me references." Because I don't want to be preached at; I want some facts.

I hope things start looking up in the next 3 weeks, because at this rate, I'm never going to want to eat raw veg again!


  1. Jamie,

    Post your questions on Give It To Me Raw ( It is a nice forum made up of a different variety of people interested in raw foods.


  2. I read through some of your RAW blogs, and I noticed that you seem to be cutting essential fats from your diet. There are good fats and bad fats, as you know. Seeds, nuts and oils made from them are excellent sources of needed fat. Check out "The Thrive Diet" by Brenden Braizer. I am not going vegan, but have incorporated many of his recipes and foods into my diet that help maintain energy levels. Good luck!

  3. Terilynn: I've been following We Like it Raw (which I believe is the blog affiliated with Give it to me Raw), but I've mostly been looking to for recipes and community. Thanks for commenting!

    Star: I'm not interested in cutting fat; I agree that fat is largely a good thing and has been demonized in our society as the root of all evil. After all, many ancient and native peoples consumed large quantities of fat. I'm not really concerned until I see more than 50-60% of my calories coming from fat. From what I've learned, it seems that the staple of my diet should be leafy greens, but I definitely try to balance that with nuts, seeds, and fruits. Thanks for the feedback, Star!