Friday, July 11, 2008

Pre-Race: Shawnee Mission

This is the big one. I have been looking forward to this race all year long. This is why I have been training. This is the race I've been thinking of when I need something to get me through the hard workouts. This is the one I've been dreaming of and mentally rehearsing since January (if not since last July).

This is the one I want to win.

But I'm not sure I can.

I hate to even give voice to that doubt. Really, how can I expect to win if I don't (you know) expect to win?  I'm wondering now if I've done too little. If I've done too much. If I'm under- or overtrained. If I didn't hold back enough and peaked too soon. If I'll be able even to run, or if I'll just have to walk the whole damn thing.

In short, I'm more unsure about this race than I've ever been about anything.

With the possible exception of the first time I did it.


First place in 22-24 F age group

Top ten women overall

Swim: 1000 m, 18:30

Bike: 18 mi, 1:00

Run: 4.5 mi, 41:30 

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