Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Oh yes

I just ran 2.4 miles in 22:30. And considering that this is only my second week back to running, I am very, very happy.

Besides which, the weather could not possibly be any better. It's a balmy 55 degrees F--just warm enough not to need a sweater when jogging. The wind was gusting to 40 MPH earlier today, but it's settled down now. The evening is quiet and peaceful. Except for me, panting and grunting like I'm about to win a gold medal.

That picture isn't from tonight, by the way. There is no snow on the ground here. It's there because it's pretty, and accurately illustrates the way I feel at the moment--warm and satisfied.


  1. great run (how you feeling this morning?) and amazing pic.
    Im ready for cooler temps....

  2. Feeling verrry tired, this morning. I'm slated to teach a cycling class every day for the rest of this week, and I think I may have overdone it over the past few days. Which means that I'll be needing lots of sleep, I suppose.

  3. yeah...Im sitting here wondering now if yer eating LEFTOVER SALAD FOR BREAKFAST.

    (um, a little ick? ok noJUDGEMENT :) sounds great I mean...)

  4. It IS great, Mizfit. Try it sometime. Whatever greens/veggies are in the fridge with a handful of almonds and sunflower seeds on top, dressed with some olive oil and Braggs Liquid Aminos. Yummy.

    But this morning I had Honey Bunches of Oats, low fat milk, and an apple FROM OUR ORCHARD. Not what I wanted, but at least something in the tank.