Friday, January 1, 2010


Well, might as well call it what it is.

It's been--what?--a good two months since I've posted. Know what else I haven't done in about two months? Haven't swam or biked over about that same span of time. Well, except for spinning classes. But that's my job. And the SpinStrong Firehouse workouts. But we go out for margaritas and Mexican food after that.

I'm beginning to understand my lack of ambition, though; the reasons for my missing mojo are becoming clear. I'm starting to feel restless, here in south central Kansas. Nothing I can put my finger on, exactly. But I think I'm ready to move on. It feels right. I feel ready.

But when you're getting ready to make a big transition, it's difficult to plan for things like training and racing, even though (for me, anyway) training and racing is more central than periphery. How shall I train? Should I peak for Shawnee Mission? Incorporate Mudwater and Rock 'n' Route? Plan to run the newly-designed Wichita Marathon course? See, I'm not sure I'm going to be around when all those things are going down, so I'm not sure what (if anything) I should target in the coming season.

Still, I miss having something to shoot for, a reason to go out and work up a sweat. And I've gained weight, over this holiday/off-season period. So I'm working on getting back on a plan. It's tentative, of course, but I figure that wherever I am in six months, they will have triathlons, and I will be able to find something within driving distance that I can do that will roughly approximate the events for which I've been training. So I'm trying to proceed as normal with this season, planning-wise. And if none of it works out, that'll be fine too.

None of which addresses my extended absence from the online community. I still read most of your blogs, by the way. I've become a little bit of a lurker, but I'm still out there, following your progress. Congrats to those of you who finished IMs in the past two months. You are all awesome and rock. As to writing, what I should have done was prepare a series of drafts that would take minimal work to complete, so that I could have kept publishing during my down-time. But I did not do that, and the result was a short . . . let's call it a sabbatical. Had my time off. Recharged a little bit. Now I'm back fresh, with some new ideas, ready to bring more info to you (and not just about my little life).

And really, that's what an off-season is supposed to be.


  1. good to have you never left me (and my spinning friends) we have been listening to you twice a week for about a month. glad you are back. there's some great tri's outside of boston...i'll be doing my first one this year

  2. I've been looking forward to you coming back to us. A sabbatical is good sometimes. It allows us to analyze what we have been doing, what we want, and our next steps.

    I am excited that you may be making a change. I look forward to seeing where your life takes you.

  3. Recharging the batteries is essential. I approve of a little sebatical. I'm glad to know you are still around and lurking on the interwebs.

  4. I am so glad you de-lurked on my blog! Thanks so much for the advice. I hope you get your mojo back soon - we have all been there.

    Again, I really appreciate the suggestions!

  5. @Tami Gotta get my new podcast live ASAP! By the time I get around to it this winter, it's going to be past spinning season!

    @Irene Me too! Me too!

    @Twin Definitely still lurking. Can't wait to see what you do with Trakkers next year.

    @B.o.B. Let me know how it goes with the training log business!

  6. Hi Jamie! Good to see your post. I too still listen to you on a podcast at least once a week, but I've also put my tri training on the back burner and have been mostly running. Kicking around the idea of trying for a BQ this year.

    Boston? I'm originally from Boston. LOVE Boston!!!!

    PS -- got Mark a swimp3 for Christmas. He loves it!

  7. @swedishcowboy Music for the swimming makes the time go so much faster! Aaaaaand . . . I'm working on some running podcasts. Stay tuned :-)

  8. I've only just started reading your blog, Jamie - as far as I'm concerned you've never been gone ;-)

    I love the spinning workouts (and I'm intrigued about the promise of ones for running)