Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Spinning Workout: Country Rollers

This workout gives you a series of rolling hills to country music! If you have been waiting for a workout to country music, this is perfect for you!

Country Rollers (50 minutes)

9 to 5 (102 BPM) - Warm up
Cry, Cry, Cry (104 BPM) - Warm up
County Orange (175 BPM) - Cadence
1st roller
Love Don't Live Here (140 BPM) - Gradually build steepness of hill
Hot Summer Day (137 BPM) - Standing the whole time
If You Can't Help Your Own (143 BPM) - Jumping climb
Bless the Broken Road (90 BPM) - Roll downhill
2nd roller
Sugar Magnolia (77 BPM) - Mostly standing
California Girls (151 BPM) - Long standing/seated sections
Don't Mess Around With my Sister (155 BPM) - Hard climb
Love's Gonna Live Here (91 BPM) Roll downhill
3rd roller
Long Time Gone (85 BPM) - Fast climb, up and down
Good Times (84 BPM) - Same
How Bad do You Want it (88 BPM) - Same
God May Forgive You (103 BPM) - Cool down

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