Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tuesday, April 10

Breakfast: Chocolate chip cookie (100 calories)
Morning: Balance bar, recovery drink (300 calories)
Lunch: Chicken curry with rice (500 calories)
Afternoon snack: Almonds, cookies (300 calories)
Dinner: Spaghetti (600 calories)
Midnight snack: Cookies and tea (300 calories)
Total: 2100 calories

Track practice
1600 warm up
Active warm ups (high knees, butt kicks, lunges, hurdles, side strides)
1x800 @ 5K pace (I forgot to time this one)
1x1200 @ 5k pace (7 minutes, 9:20/mile pace)
1x800 @ hard mile pace (9:20/mile pace)
2x400 @ hard mile pace (9:00/mile pace)
800 cool down
in about 35 minutes; 370 calories
Swim class
Mostly flip turns and drills, about 550 yards
291 calories
Spinning, 45 minutes
448 calories
Total burned: 3109

In general, I love Tuesdays. Yes, they're difficult to manage, and it's kind of intimidating to come up against three different workouts in one day, but it gives me such a feeling of accomplishment! Plus the endorphin high is unbeatable.

Dolce, one of my very close friends, has been thinking about getting involved with triathlon, and so she came to track practice with me. Dolce hasn't run since the L.A. Marathon, over a month ago, and she's a little out of shape, but she worked really hard to keep up with me. And with her there, I definitely pushed myself to a harder pace. Especially at the end of our last 400; Dolce started sprinting with less than 100 to go, so we both finished at a dead sprint. It felt amazing!

Swimming class wasn't much of a workout. Mostly, we worked on comptetition turns. I'm finally getting the hang of flip turns, after like a year, but I still don't want to do them on every lap. At least I can do them without getting a nose full of water, though.

Spinning was challenging, as always, but not as much as it was last week, so it felt like a good balance. I've noticed that I've developed a lot of strength standing, but it feels like my cadence is getting slower while sitting, by comparison. After spinning, Zach intimated that he thinks I've improved the most out of anyone on the team in the past year. That felt pretty awesome. It's excellent to put so much time and energy and soul into improving and then find that you're not only improving, but that everyone knows it!

My 3-hour Olympic seems closer than ever.

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