Thursday, March 27, 2008

Quick Catch Video


I had a few questions about how exactly one does the Quick Catch drill which has been so helpful for me. And what better way to demonstrate than in film? Also see Dave Scott's video, which is actually filmed on a pool deck with real swimmers (not in a bedroom with a webcam)! Any more questions about this drill (or any others), just let me know in the comments.


  1. Thanks for posting this video. Very helpful.

    One question. Do you hold your hand down in front of you for a second at the point of full flexion, or do you just speed that one section of the stroke?

  2. That was good! If I swam above coral my hands and the bottom of my forearms would be in shreds. I think I'll work on that.

  3. Hey babe! I know you weren't actually swimming there, so I have no idea what you really do, but I had a suggestion. If you keep your arms even closer to your body (kinda like you were saying with the coral) but with your elbows bent at more like 45 degrees, you move more of the water that is actually touching you, so you get the benefit of pulling yourself through (like you would with your hands further down), but also pushing the water causing friction back, so its like double. Its something my mom taught me when i was younger. :)

  4. Thanks for this...I will definitely try it out!