Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mental Training: A Break from your Regularly Scheduled Podcast

Well this is an experiment. I've read a few articles on mental training in the past few months. I'm guilty of not training the mental side of my racing hard enough, and I'm sure you are, too.

So I decided that guided meditation might work as a way to help us all prepare a little bit better for that next open water race.

Let me know whether or not this works for you: Is it helpful to have someone talk you through something we all should be doing anyway? What would make it more effective? More space between comments to absorb what I'm saying? Different conditions (i.e. a cold open-water swim, lake swim, river swim, swim through high surf, pool swim, etc.)? Corny Tai Chi music?

I would appreciate any feedback on this little project of mine. Let me know if you want more!

Mental Tri Training: Open Water Swim

"This audio file is a guided meditation for the use of open-water swimmers. In it, you will focus on relaxing and practicing good form. Try to visualize yourself completing each movement. The more real it is in your mind, the more beneficial the meditation will be in improving your neuromuscular performance in swimming."


  1. Now this is a total inspiration! You need to market this, girl! You will be a millionaire. This is sheer brillance.

    I have been swimming the last two weeks and my swim really stinks. I am going to go back and read more of your swimming advice in hopes to improve my time. Right now I am 1/4 mile in 12:00. I know I can do better, I just don't know how!

    PS -- thanks for the poem -- perfectly sums up everything!

  2. Thank you for the audio link. It's a very helpful piece.

    Stay tuned...

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