Saturday, January 31, 2009


I've mentioned it only in passing, but it's official--this year, I'll be doing my first half ironman event. Lawrence 70.3. June 14, 2009. And yeah, I just registered. So I'm $240 into it, now, and no turning back.

I'm not scared. Not even particularly excited. Somewhere deep down inside me, I know I can do it. I know it.

My only concern is that it takes me away (at least a little bit) from those short, quick sufferfests that I think are my calling. You've seen pictures of me. I'm clearly not built for distance. The gods don't give legs this massive and muscles this dense to marathoners; these legs are built for sprinting, preferably over very short distances and with the intent to hit somebody really hard at the other end of it.

Yet I find myself setting out on this journey (admittedly a little half-assed), more to see what it's like than to make an honest go of it. And if nothing else, it'll serve as early season base building for those short, intense sufferfests later on.

So the training plan is one week in. I'm loving it. And in five months, I'll be joining the ranks of an elite few who can swim 1.2 miles, bike 56, and run 13.1 all in one day.


  1. Congrats! That is one of my LOOONNNGGG term goals as well! Can't wait to follw your journey! How exciting.

  2. Awesome. You've reminded me that I still hadn't registered for my first 70.3 this summer! Just checked that off my list.

    Don't sell yourself short (pun intended). There are tons of people out there (in and out of triathlon) that are able to amazing things with less than ideal genetics.

    Give 'em hell, have a blast, and you will rock it.

    And at least from my experience, training for a HIM is way harder than actually racing it. Train right and it will be a piece of cake! Even though my first 70.3 was a mess, it was a really fun distance. There is so much more time out on the course to have fun and enjoy yourself and it isn't there and gone in a flash.

  3. Woot!!!

    You'll have so much fun.

    Even though I'm going longer and longer, I am absolutely convinced that the half's are the perfect distance - half marathons, half IM's. They're the perfect balance of training and racing without absolutely taking over your life.

  4. Sprint Power definitely helps in races like this..said the long distance psycho....

    No seriously with all the crossfit and lifting you should be able to mess people up on the bike...Go get'um tiger!

  5. I thought a half ironman WAS a sprint?! You mean there's something shorter?! WTF, how come nobody told me???

    You're going to rock it. What's that sound? Is that the sound of a plane taking off??? I think it is! Hmmmm... wonder where it will land...


  6. @Bill: I think I know what you mean; I loved my last half marathon. Actually, genuinely loved it. But I don't really have any strong desire to run a marathon (yet).

    @Bob: Thanks, long-distance psycho! Here's hoping that the short-course speed will translate to a good virginal performance in Lawrence.

    @Speedy: Oh man. You're awesome. I love you. And that plane's totally going to land in Boston.