Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Recipe File: Ice Cream

Letting you in on a secret, guys; here's my top-secret recipe for my favorite post-workout snack.
Step 1: Buy ice cream.
Step 2: Gather the following ingredients: ice cream, bowl, dessert spoon, ice cream scoop (you may substitute a large spoon in a pinch).
Step 3: Using the ice cream scoop, combine ice cream and bowl. Add dessert spoon as garnish.
Note: This dish should be served immediately and consumed as slowly as possible in order to reap all the benefits of this very special recipe.


  1. My twist on the recipe is to:
    1) put big chocolate chip cookie in bow.
    2) microwave for 10 seconds until chips melt
    3) cover with ice cream and devour.

    I'll also wash it down with some chocolate soy milk (just to make me feel a little healthier).

  2. Oh, that does sound like an improvement on the recipe. Yum.