Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mark's Daily Apple: 10 Steps to "Primalize" Your Pantry

Remember when I mentioned Mark's Primal Blueprint in the discussion about eating as "part of the world"? Well, what I failed to mention is that though I think his ideas are well-founded and certainly one of the best ways to eat, I don't follow them myself. Haven't fully wanted to commit to it.

Until now.

That's because Mark has broken down getting started in the Primal way to the very basics; consider it a Primal primer, a step-by-step for caveman eating. So if you've been looking for ways to become more a part of the world, go visit Mark for a quick-and-easy guide.

Note to the raw foodists: I longed for such a straightforward, simple guide to stocking my raw pantry during that phase of my life. Get on it, guys!


  1. Thank you for the links and the support, Jamie!


    Mark Sisson

  2. I looove Mark's Daily Apple.

    And your blog, obviously.

    I has lots of love in my heart.

    And lots of willingness to live primally, and as part of the world.

    Speaking of which, I have Ishmael sitting on my bookshelf, waiting for me to read it.

    (instead of blogs...lol!)


  3. Ishmael's on the shelf?!

    Hooray! Hooray!

  4. no, can't do it. though i keep a healthy selection for the most part. except some frito's once in a while (yes! chips are SO my downfall)

  5. Like I said, gotta find something that works well for you. But still . . . fritos?! ;-)