Thursday, June 7, 2007

Late Workouts

Those were awesome workouts. I decided to start by swimming, but as I warmed up with an easy 100 yards, I realized my heart rate was coming up unusually fast. I must be worn out from yesterday's workout, still. So I backed off and decided to change gears; instead of an endurance workout, I decided to do technique work. And it was great. I haven't felt so smooth in the water in . . . actually, I've never really felt that smooth in the water. It felt like my swim is really coming together, which is an amazing sensation. I swam for about an hour without keeping track of yardage, times, or heartrate. I just swam back and forth performing whatever drills I thought would work what I felt was lacking. One-arm drills and fingertip dragging drills were particularly useful. Also, I'm finding that the principles about which I read in Chi Running are also very applicable to swimming. Actually, I think they're more applicable to my swimming than my running.

Speaking of which, I did a brief run at a little below tempo. It felt amazing, and I think I could have kept going for a good hour . . . If I hadn't been on a treadmill. Running on a treadmill is so boring! I usually can't stand it for more than 20 minutes at a time. But the wind is still crazy, and it's probably not safe to run around alone at 1 a.m., even in Wichita. And the indoor track is really, really small. I'm not even sure how small. I would guess 200 meters, maybe less (200 yards?). So I didn't want to put my knees through the agony of running in very tiny circles for 30-45 minutes. And the treadmill got the job done.

I'm very glad that Bill Anders recommended this video. This midnight workout was great.

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