About Me

I'm not as cool as I look in this photo. Or as serious. Or as fast.
Hi! My name's Jamie. I live and train In the Bay Area. I make my money as a personal trainer, cycling instructor, and yoga teacher. I'm back in school, too, studying for a doctoral degree in physical therapy. I was once a triathlete, but now I mostly stick to cycling. I race with Alto Velo Racing Team/Sunpower Racing in Silicon Valley. I have an intense, burning passion to teach. That's why you'll find on my blog plenty of direction and instruction along with reflection about my own training and racing.

If you're looking for the free spinning workouts, you can find them on my cycling workouts page. There you can access my complete library of spinning workouts. If you're a newbie triathlete looking for help, go here for my Beginners' Guide series; those articles will help you get from the very beginning to where you want to go. If you have some issues with your biomechanics, you can check out my article about back pain, the one about pronation of the feet, or my perennially popular winged scapulae article. I've also shared many recipes of varying levels of usefulness over the years.

If you have specific questions regarding training, please leave me a comment or send me an e-mail (trihardist@trihardist.com). I will happily answer your questions, and explain them to a cringe-inducing degree. Because I like the details.

My primary areas of expertise are in strength training and biomechanics. I also have extensive experience with yoga. I can answer (or find an acceptable answer) to just about any questions you might have about fitness, cycling, and triathlon. So don't be shy! If you have questions, get in touch!