Sunday, January 20, 2013

Variants on Recovery

I recover better with company.
It seems like I figure this out every year or so.

Most endurance plans orient training by month, in four-week chunks. They give three weeks of hard work for every one week of recovery. Seems like every time I write a new training plan for myself, I start with this schedule. And every time, two or three months into training, I get overloaded and end up taking my recovery a week early. Sometimes, like with this training cycle, I lose my motivation and get caught in two or three weeks of recovery.

It makes sense that there would be natural variations among members of our species on how much work we can do, relative to how much rest we need. And there's nothing special about a seven-day week, either, or a four-week month. It's not like our species evolved with modern weeks or months. There's no real reason to maintain this dominant ratio. Except that it's what everyone else does.

I plan to start marching to the beat of my own drum in this regard, however; it's a waste of time to re-do my training plan because I overestimated my own training capacity.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Spinning Workout: Country Rollers

This workout gives you a series of rolling hills to country music! If you have been waiting for a workout to country music, this is perfect for you!

Country Rollers (50 minutes)

9 to 5 (102 BPM) - Warm up
Cry, Cry, Cry (104 BPM) - Warm up
County Orange (175 BPM) - Cadence
1st roller
Love Don't Live Here (140 BPM) - Gradually build steepness of hill
Hot Summer Day (137 BPM) - Standing the whole time
If You Can't Help Your Own (143 BPM) - Jumping climb
Bless the Broken Road (90 BPM) - Roll downhill
2nd roller
Sugar Magnolia (77 BPM) - Mostly standing
California Girls (151 BPM) - Long standing/seated sections
Don't Mess Around With my Sister (155 BPM) - Hard climb
Love's Gonna Live Here (91 BPM) Roll downhill
3rd roller
Long Time Gone (85 BPM) - Fast climb, up and down
Good Times (84 BPM) - Same
How Bad do You Want it (88 BPM) - Same
God May Forgive You (103 BPM) - Cool down

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