Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Art of Motion

Last night, I had the opportunity to see a friend from high school perform in a senior dance recital at Wichita State. I was absolutely blown away by the talent exhibited by these students (undergrads!), by the level of artistic expression they achieved, but most of all by their physical grace and power. My first thought, on watching these dancers move in ways that made me forget I was looking at people, was, "I wonder if I could recruit them to triathlon."

That thought made me pause.

Because while I believe in what I do--after all, I coach people through some very challenging experiences in order to achieve goals that at first seem unthinkable--it seems to me less than what these performers exhibited. Yes, dancers and triathletes share some common characteristics: Both groups train for power and performance, dancers and triathletes each strive to maximize strength, tone, and endurance, and of course we all look damn fine in a pair of tight, skimpy shorts. But dancers acquire this level of power, strength, endurance, and tone in order to communicate beauty and emotion to other human beings, while triathletes . . .

Well now . . . here we come to the crux: Why do we tri?
More to come.

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