Sunday, June 22, 2008

"Stop Slouching!": New Series!

Weight training is what I do. I love biomechanics, muscles, tendons, and bones, corrective exercises, contraindications . . . and I love discussing all of it. I can't go to the grocery store without noting one shopper's pronation, another's internally-rotated shoulders, and a few swayed backs.

So when I went to the Lawrence Half Ironman and saw winging scapulae, hunched backs, and forward head posture, I was--to say the least--distressed.

And the things I've mentioned are only the superficial signs of internal weaknesses; just think of all the potential problems--inflexibilities, weaknesses, imbalances--that are invisible to the innocent (and some even to the informed) observer!

C'mon, people! We are the pinnacle of health and fitness! We are gods!

We are crazy.

But craziness aside, I am taking action regarding this problem in our community. I'm beginning a series on some problems (beginning with the ones I have) common to triathletes and endurance athletes. I'll show you a few ways to determine whether or not you might have a problem, then demonstrate exercises that will help to prevent or correct those problems. Not only will improving your biomechanics alter your posture (read: you will look sexier, both on the race course and off), it will also improve your performance (i.e better biomechanics = better form = less fatigue = more speed).

For this series, I need to add this disclaimer, however: I am a personal trainer. I am certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. I am NOT a physical therapist. I am not licensed to provide rehabilitative or corrective exercises. What I can do is help you improve your strength and flexibility, with the intention of bettering your physical appearance and athletic performance.

And I will begin the series next week with the problem that distressed me most at the Lawrence 70.3: the dread winged scapula!


  1. Cool! Looking forward to seeing your series on these issues (and finding out what my scapula are doing...)

  2. Lets be honest, most of us are just as concerned about how we look in spandex/neoprene as we are concerned about our performance on the course.

    Anything you can offer that helps out both is absolute gold!

  3. Ohmygod, can you PLEASE do an entire segment about how to do a proper lat pull?! Be sure to include what a dufus you look like ducking forward to get the bar behind your neck, and stress that all the other people in the gym are laughing behind your winged back when you do it.