Monday, December 29, 2008



Give me 'til New Year's, kiddies.

It's not that I'm busy. Just highly unmotivated.


  1. Nice picture! At least your honest about your non-motivation!!!!!!

  2. well, you might not be motivated but i am still in love with your spin podcasts. i have a question though, i just did spin #4 i think, intro to hills, when you say get up out of the sadle do you mean into 3rd position (i am assuming that is what you mean, but do you mean that in all your podcasts?)

    happy new year to you, i am glad i found your blog, it was one of my internet highlights of '08

  3. I don't so much pay attention to positions, to be honest. I tend to climb pretty aggressively. But if you were in one of my classes, I would tell you to keep your body weight over your pedals, keep your hips stable and core engaged, move your shoulders and hips together as a unit (no twisting). I think that's third position, yeah?

    And thanks, TT. How are your spinning classes going?!