Thursday, January 8, 2009

First Fast Running of the Year

Yesterday (as a result of a last-minute cancelation from a client) I went to the track.

The night was clear and unseasonably mild. The temperature was sitting at around 54 F, with a light northern wind. Apart from wanting to run fast (after reading the article about lactic acid/lactate in this month's Triathlete), I absolutely had to get out and run in that weather. I got to wear shorts in January in Kansas. That's something (I'm guessing) I won't be able to do next year in Boston.

Anyway, the workout was short and sweet. Oh so sweet.

1600 - 10:16 (and I was talking on the phone for the first 1200)
400 - 1:45
400 - 1:45
400 - 1:46
400 - 1:49
800 - 7:14 (because I could barely walk after that last 400)

I'm not sure (I haven't bothered to dig through the annals of old training logs), but 1:45 might be my fastest time ever for a 400. And even if it's not, I think that's a good--nay, great--place to start the season. Even if I can only do a few of them. Even if I thought I was going to vomit at the last two. That's a frickin' 7:00/mile pace.

And after doing that, I didn't even care about the damn cancellation.


  1. nice workout! trackwork is always short and sweet but it always makes me want to crap or puke or both. lol.

    are you doing a recovery 400 in between each fast 400 ???

  2. NICE!!! Those are some screaming fast times! Especially on the track where pacing is such an issue (for me anyway). Although I DO kind of want to come over there and kick you in the shins for running in shorts. You'll get your cummupence (spelling?) next year when YOU'RE the one living in a climate where it's so cold that it HURTS to touch metal things.