Thursday, December 30, 2010

Strength for Swimmers

Hey all. Here's a little video with some strength and flexibility exercises for your swimming. Keep in mind that in between now and when you start your base building phase you have the perfect opportunity to improve your strength and flexibility in ways that will make your training more effective later. So take advantage of this time by starting to do these exercises in the next month or two!

By the way, the little noises in the background are The Photographer's kids :-)


  1. I recognize many of those from boot camp class. Being new to triathlons I have found that strength is the key to getting faster. I especially like the shoulder stretch up against the wall.

  2. Boot camp, eh? That's pretty high praise, from what I've experienced in boot camp classes!

    My experience is that different bodies respond to strength in different ways. I never got much out of lifting weights (I think because my build is naturally very muscular), but yoga has really improved my triathlon performance. So I tend to train my clients in ways that emphasize active stretching, body weight exercise, and isometric contractions. It's pretty cool to see how different bodies respond!