Friday, February 11, 2011

Strength for Swimmers

Hey all! Here's a little treat for you, as you're beginning to build a base for your season. I've integrated some personal training and yoga knowledge to give you a well-rounded set of swimming exercises that you can do with no equipment in very little time. This originated as advice I gave to one of my top-notch swimmers, who was struggling to keep his legs in line with the rest of his body while using a pull buoy. I gave him this assignment to strengthen his core and teach him better alignment.

p.s. Thanks to The Photographer for switching it up and being my videographer. Also, thanks to The Photographer's kids for being so quiet!


  1. Hey Stranger! Long time no chat. Hope all is well. I just went swimming yesterday for the first time in months and felt like a ton of bricks. I may have to adopt some of these moves to help get my act together.

  2. Best quote EVER! "Guys, if you don't have a bra strap you know where it is."

    I'd forgotten about 30/60/90's! Great exercise. Thanks, J!