Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Spinning Workout: Eli

Hard as it is to believe, I have a new spinning workout for my faithful following. This is another workout that I created as a custom workout for a client. But he never paid for the workout, so you all get to enjoy it (and I get to continue focusing on the commissioned workouts I'm making)!

Spinning Workout #23: Eli


  1. Hi Jamie ! Happy New Year !

    Thanks again for a great #Spinning workout ! If Eli reads this then he should put his hand in his pocket and pay his dues !

    Regards, Steve (UK)

  2. Hi Jamie!
    I'm loving my new spinning workouts. My favorite one is Big Climbs, makes me sweat so much!
    Now, my regular 45 min. class at the gym is not enough ;)

  3. Love your workouts. Please post a new one soon. Penny from sunny CA