Monday, April 9, 2007


I began this blog for two reasons: First off, I've wanted to upgrade to a real blog (from Xanga) for several months. I believe blogging is going to be the next big thing, the way by which most people acquire information, and I want to be a part of that ocean of knowledge. Second, I feel that I have something valuable to contribute as a triathlete and (soon to be) personal trainer.

So this blog will serve the purpose of a training log, for me, but I hope that it will also set an example for other aspiring athletes. To that end, I'll also include workouts, training tips, diet tips, and recipes along the way.

I'm profoundly concerned with the state of our nation's health, and I hope that I can inspire some people to get involved with sports and, more importantly, to be concerned with their personal fitness and well-being no matter what their athletic background.

Welcome! If you'd ever like any specifically-tailored information, please leave a comment or e-mail me. I might not know the answer, but I can probably find out!

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  1. Hi Tri Harder,
    I came across your blog looking for general workout tips. i like what you're doing with the blog and I am wondering if you might answer me two questions:

    The first is, I'm 5'9 180 lbs and I'm looking to drop 15 in 2 months. Is it possible? Here's the deal. I am usually in good shape (generally hover around 163) but I recently suffered a bulging disc and thereafter some major sciatica problems... still suffering too and it's been 4 months! Anyway, because I was so inactive from the injury I ended up putting on 20 lbs and it is KILLING ME! I need to get rid of this weight! What is the best thing i can do -- and I mean specifically. Everyone knows diet and exercise... but is there something specific you are aware of?

    My next question is: My friend who rows crew is pushing me to try training the way he does. He does Yoga and breathing and weights from a DVD at Have you heard of this?

    Looking forward to hearing from you as well as seeing some workout tips and recipes.

    (p.s. my girlfriend goes to USC!)