Sunday, February 10, 2008

An Experiment

I'm not sure how I came to this decision.

I have decided to try out a raw foods diet for one month, just to see how it feels. I've been looking at some recipes and stuff. Looks pretty hard core. One of my primary concerns is that I won't be able to properly fuel my body for training and competition. But most of the proponents of raw food (who strike me as a little nutty, honestly) claim to have more energy, so we'll see.

However, I am concerned about when I should start this. I'd like to do it during my base building phase, since I'm absolutely sure that I'll lose a significant amount of weight, and I've read that it's best to lose weight during base phase, rather than specific prep or competitive phases. But that doesn't give me as much time to prepare as if I waited until, say, April.''

Currently, I'm thinking about starting for the second half of March, which will give me two weeks during base and two weeks during specific prep. And we'll see what happens.



  1. I've been doing "clean eating" with myself and my family for a month now. I've been meaning to blog about that but haven't gotten to it yet. We have noticed a huge difference. Especially in my kids. They are more even-tempered, have more energy and are doing better in school. I've been feeding them items that have the least ingredients as possible. You would be totally surprised if you read what is in common foods! The other day I checked a thing of garlic salt and it had sugar in it. I was shocked. If I could just kick my Diet Coke habit I would be totally clean as far as eating goes. But it has been very rewarding to see the results in my kids.

    I've been so busy, but I finally did the new workout on Saturday and LOVED IT!!!! My husband is trying to steal it from me :-) I gave him your other ones and he does those on a regular basis too. Thank you so much.

  2. thanks for all the comments...

    re the food...better to experiment during the base phase, cuz that way you can correct things before the stakes get too high. the closer you get to race time, the more you have to play it safe w you digestive system...although i've heard the transition to more raw foods involves a period of time of gastro-intestinal operation (if you know what i mean) as your body adjusts.

  3. Good on ya, Jamie! :D

    Now's definitely the time to start. Otherwise, you'll have to wait until the end of the year. So get started.

    On a related, but slightly off-topic, we started our new greyhound on a completely raw diet. The same concept, the same foods. He seems to be thriving on it. Now I'll just have to take the plunge and do it for myself.

    And I never thought I'd see a dog wolfing down chunks of mango with the same vigor as the chunks of lamb that he just had.

    On the animal side of raw, some of the fanatics are just as "nutty".