Sunday, February 24, 2008

Race Report: Wichita Central YMCA Indoor Triathlon

500 yard pool swim: 8:56
I went out hard from the moment I pushed off the wall. After the first 15 yards or so, I pulled back gradually, finally settling on a pace after the first 50. I kept on the hip of the woman to my right (there were no lap lanes), thinking I could maybe get a little bit of draft benefit. One thing I noticed was that I was keeping pace with her flip turns with my open turns (which, I must say, are quite fast). A little over halfway through, I caught a little bit of her wake and came up sputtering. I flipped onto my back for a few yards, then turned back over and finished out. I remember it was hard, but the circumstances stand out much more clearly than the feelings. I can still clearly picture the whole thing, but can't remember whether my body was tired or hurting . . . I just know that I went out hard, and that I really worked for my fastest swim split in a race ever.

6 mile bike: 19:16 (includes both transitions)
This was murder. We were on Cybex stationary cycles, the kind with rubber straps for your feet. So this bike was all about pounding the legs, and it absolutely destroyed my quads. I just focused on muscling through it. My heart rate was over lactate threshold the entire time.

2 mile run: 16:32
Once again, my fastest split ever in a race: 8:15/mile. It took me to a whole new level of hurt, and that's what I'm always looking to do in a race. The indoor track was 14 laps to a mile, for a total of 28 laps. One of my athletes, Rich, was there to cheer me on the whole way, and it was amazing to get to see his face every few seconds. Four laps out, I started accelerating, and absolutely sprinted for the last lap. Rich was standing at the end of the straightaway, demanding that I run as hard as my legs would carry me. After I finished that final lap, I slowed to a walk, sagged against the wall, and swore under my breath. It hurt so bad! One thing that took my mind off the effort was considering whether or not I would be disqualified if I threw up on the indoor track. Outside, it wouldn't be a big deal, but indoors, I think it would be a hazard. Regardless, I didn't lose my cookies, and I think that my emphasis on mental toughness is really paying off.

Total time: 44:43
UPDATE: 3rd place Female 21-34! Whoo!

My time at Derby Rec, which was the same distance, was 48:36. And I think that's all I need to say about that.

I love love love these short, indoor races. At this distance, I can stay anaerobic--and heck, even above LT!--the whole time; I can really see what my body is capable of. It gives me hope, to think that I might someday be doing Olympic distance at these speeds. It's just a matter of hard work.

I don't have the results (I had a seminar for personal trainers at the club on Saturday, so I didn't stay for awards) or pictures yet, but I'll post them as soon as I have them! Whoo! I'm so amped!


  1. YAY!!! You ROCK girl! I am totally in awe.

    They are having an indoor tri at the base this Friday. I wasn't going to do it, but now maybe I might. Your report makes it sound fun!

  2. It's a whole different kind of hurt, but in a good way :-D