Saturday, April 19, 2008


I am so excited.

I suppose this should be obvious, but the prospect of the first real race (even though it's in an indoor pool) of the season has focused my workouts in a way I've never before experienced. I was so focused, the second half of this week (I was still in recovery mode until Wednesday) I sort of killed my cycling classes. Seriously, Thursday night, all I could think was, "Hard as you can; c'mon this is the last chance to get a really solid workout before Emporia." And by the end, I think some of the people in the Group Ride class were crying. We all had little puddles under my bike, anyway. At any rate, I think I made half the class wish I had a race every weekend, while the other half is probably hoping I never race again.

It's always an interesting experience, dragging a dozen people along mostly on your own energy. Empowering.

Talk to you after the race!


  1. Oooh, good luck at your race! I'm so jealous. I wish I were doing a triathlon rather than a stupid effing running race. I would say that the half of your class that was crying and begging for mercy needs to come to your class more often. There aren't enough group exercise instructors out there who are willing to kick the $#!t out of their students. Now get out there and kick some ass!

    (Re: Your comment, unfortunately this stupid marathon IS one of my key events of the year. What the hell was I thinking?! It's really fucking up my training schedule!)

  2. Good luck! I know you'll do great. I wish I could have been there in your class. I need a class like that!