Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Quick Notes

Thanks for all the responses about the pain in my ass!  I saw a physical therapist today, who suspects that the problem is my SI joint, with unrelated pains coming from trigger points in my piriformis and gluteus medius.  Cool.  No bulging discs, no ruptured or torn anything . . . and I can still run (although he instructed me to start at a mile and gradually build up, mile by mile, over the next several weeks) and can still bike (but he told me to stay out of the aerobars), so all's well, right?  Oh, and I'm also not supposed to bend over at the waist.  So no more straight-leg deadlifts.  Anyway, that's that, and I'll go out for a mile run tomorrow (although it hardly seems worth it for a mile, eh?)

I booked my flight to sunny California for Wildflower tonight.  Anyone else going to be there?

This month is National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo)  Which isn't really related to this blog, but it's fun and I thought I'd throw it in.  My poetry lives over here (in small, very strong cages; I don't want it to get out), just in case you need a little break from the tri lifestyle (or tri-ing, if you like).

Be back in a few days with a surprise podcast!


  1. WooHoo! I will be at Wildflower as well. ...and I wish I was flying there. :) Good Luck!

  2. Oh good, so you were just being a wuss this whole time! Thank goodness! I'm glad it's nothing serious and that you're back up and running right away. Maybe you can ROUND DOWN to one mile... Really, anything 4.99 miles and lower can be rounded down to 1, and even longer distances if you're looking at the hundreds place...

    (Thanks for the link, by the way... I'll tri not to let it bother me :) )