Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Client Who is Amazing

I have a client who is amazing.

Which sounds like the beginning of a poem.

It is not a poem, however. It is the truth. I have a client who absolutely amazes me.

She's never done a triathlon before. She wanted to last year. But the fact that she doesn't know how to swim sort of, you know, deterred her.

But she came to me two weeks ago and said, "I'll do whatever. But I'm a very unstructured person, and in order to get in shape, I'm going to need some structure. So just write down what I'm supposed to do everyday and I'll do it!"

She said she'd do whatever.

So she's going to do a triathlon, guys. She's learning how to swim, she's running, she's taking group cycling classes, and she's lifting weights.

And it's kicking her butt.

But she's kicking some butt, too.

And it's really, truly inspiring me.

But obviously not quite enough to write actual poetry.


  1. now there is all the inspiration n motivatoin u need...

  2. "I'll do whatever... So just write down what I'm supposed to do everyday and I'll do it!" That sounds like an invitation for disaster, or at least an invitation to mess with her. She's lucky that you're her coach and not me, I guess. I would turn her into a science experiment.

  3. I love hearing about new people getting in to the sport. It reminds me of why I got so addicted. Good Times...

  4. roses are red
    my client is cool
    she'll do what I say
    she'll use every too

    when she is done
    how lean she will be
    all of ya'll people
    will wanna train with me.