Friday, July 25, 2008

Pre-Race: Mudwater

So I'm here, filling up my water bottles at home and wondering how high I can go tomorrow.

Podium in age group? Top of my age group? Top ten overall women? Top ten overall?

Although after the workout Logan (new trainer at work) gave me today, I'm sort of wondering if I'll get through it at all.

This season has been too long, I think, and I'm starting to wind down. I'm transitioning to my next project (which I'll probably exposit in the next couple weeks or so) and doing only minimal maintenance work on swimming and biking.

But this season hasn't entailed a ton of racing for me, I feel, especially not relative to the amount of training I've done.

Besides, I like racing.

So I'm going to keep doing it, even though my big push for the season (i.e. Shawnee Mission) is over.

And I'm going to keep wondering with one half of my brain how well I'll do, while the other half is wondering if I can still even make it through.

Edit: I should probably mention that my dad is doing the duathlon tomorrow, which will be his first ever multisport race. And damn guys, he is nervous. Pretty cute, actually.

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  1. Go, Dad, GO!!!

    Racing is fun. I find that peak races are no fun, but racing when you don't give a rat's ass is a blast. Do an entire race dressed up as your favorite cartoon character just to remind yourself not to take this stuff too seriously.

    So it sounds like your next project might be... what? Another marathon?