Monday, July 16, 2012

Spinning Workout: Pop Workout 3

In this workout, you get progressively longer and more difficult climbs, interspersed with steady cadence work. Oh, and sprints at the end!

Pop Workout 3 (60 minutes)

I Like it Like That (Hot Chelle Rae) - Warm up
Rock You Like a Hurricane (Scorpions) - Early climb/terrain
Don't be a Girl About it (Kelly Clarkson) - Climb
Babylon (Melissa Ferrick) - Steady cadence
Hotel Room Service (Pitbull) - Early climb/terrain
How Low (Ludacris) - Climb
Into the Morning (The Weekend) - Heavy climb
Brothers (Tanlines) - Cadence
Edge of Glory (Lady GaGa) - Early climb
Can't Take me Home (P!nk) - Climb
The Sharpest Lives (My Chemical Romance) - Heavy climb
Sing for the Moment (Eminem) - Heavier climb
One Week (Barenaked Ladies) - Sprints
Pain (Jimmy Eat World) - Heavy climb
Somebody That I Used to Know - Cool Down

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