Monday, January 4, 2010

Spinning Workout 28 - Endurance

Ha! Finally!

This workout is all about endurance. I tried to write it as a base-building workout with a little intensity. There are easy spinning sections, hard time trials, seated climbs, and standing climbs. There are also some overspeed sections to force you to turn a fast cadence (almost 140 RPM); if you want, you could also try those sections as one-legged drills, switching legs every minute. The main thing is to get some cadence/drill work into the base building period.

Try to keep everything in high zone 2/low zone 3. Probably won't make it the first time, but I hope that as you get more and more fit this workout will keep you right in the sweet spot of base building intensity. Or you can just go balls to the wall the whole time, just like you might in an actual spinning class.

Spinning Workout 28 - Endurance

I Woke up in a Car (4:13) - Something Corporate (107 BPM)
I Want You Back (2:58) - The Jackson 5 (100 BPM)
Walk This Way (3:32) - Aerosmith (104 BPM)
Heart of Glass (4:34) - Blondie (110 BPM)
Relax (3:56) - Frankie Goes to Hollywood (115 BPM)
Canned Heat (5:32) - Jamiroquai (128 BPM)
Beep Beep (6:29) - Beep Beep (132 BPM)
Kiss Kiss (3:24) - Holly Valance (98 BPM)
How Bad do You Want it? (3:45) - Tim Mcgraw (88 BPM)
If Looks Could Kill (3:41) - Heart (79 BPM)
Burning Up (3:47) - Madonna (137 BPM)
I Get Around (2:13) - Beach Boys (148 BPM)
The General (4:07) - Dispatch (90 BPM)

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  1. I think it would be fun to do a spinning class where you could ride your real tri bike like in your picture.

  2. @jen I've done that! Just bring my trainer and set it up. My gym actually has about half a dozen trainers in the cycling room so people can bring their bikes in and spin.

  3. Thanks so much for this, Jamie. I love your workouts and have been eager for the next one. Is there a way that I can download this like I did for the others? Happy New Year!

  4. @hlkenney Yes! I just added a link directly to the file. Will get the new post on the podcast RSS feed as well.

  5. Thanks for the great workout -- love the intensity!

  6. Oohhhh, now that is so very cool! Trainers in the spinning room. I would LOVE to do that. Jamie are you on Facebook? I would love to friend you on FB to stay in touch more . .. my brother and sister-in-law are starting on their first tri journey and I sent them to your site to download podcasts.

  7. Oh, the excitement! Thank you, thank you. I just did one of your older ones yesterday. Incredible. You are the best!

  8. Hi there,

    I'm so glad I found you. I've been desperately looking for spinning workouts and then I found you!! They're the best.

    I love cycling and take part in various races here in SA but more for enjoyment and challenging myself to get across the finish line.

    South Africa

  9. Hi -

    Great podcast. I was wondering where you got that song "Beep Beep"?



  10. Angie, I think the song was on a mix CD that one of my clients gave me. I believe the artist is Krafft, if that helps.

  11. you gotta add some Tiesto. Enough of this old school. *)

  12. I love the old school music you use, AND ALL THE MUSIC YOU USE. I would so much like to download all of your podcasts to my iphone. Only the endurance comes up on itunes. How I can I download the others? They are THE BEST!

    Peace to you!

  13. @Anon: Please go to to access all the files. Each post has a link to the corresponding workout. You can download the MP3s from that site.