Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's . . . Still Not Worth It

After discussing with some fellow triathlete/bloggers about outdoor, winter running, I felt shamed into getting my long run outdoors today. Seven miles, all of them outside. And . . .

It's just too cold.

I got about half a mile from the club, swearing the whole way, turned around and ran back. My original intention was to get my gloves and head back out, but then the steam room sounded like a much, much, much better idea.

So I've decided that I need to work up to this, a little bit. For this week, I'll wait until tomorrow for my long run, because it's supposed to be warmer tomorrow. Today, I'll do my long bike (indoors on my trainer). For my next outdoor run, I'll try warming up on the treadmill or trainer for ten minutes or so, just enough that I'm already warmed up when I head out. And I will remember my gloves and hat. And I will maybe purchase a wicking base layer.

Because I might be able to handle a 30-minute tempo run on a treadmill, but if I have to run my long runs without going anywhere, I'm gonna go crazy!


  1. I agree it is hard! That is why I have the BIG HILL at the start of my run, it gets me warmed up and at the top I am pretty much set. One thing I really hate is wind. I HATE running when it is windy. I refuse to run when it is windy.

  2. You'll definitely have to pick up a wicking layer.

    Head to Target and look for the Champion stuff. Just as good as the Under Armor, but for half the price. I'm amazed at what a difference it's made. Even in summer.

    Good luck with your new plan!