Monday, January 21, 2008

Proving It

I am not a coddled, West Coast wimp.

I am a hardy, fierce, nothing-stands-in-the-way-of-a-good-time, good ol' Midwestern girl.

That's right; I finally got outside for my run.

It was 37 degrees F, yesterday afternoon, with 17 MPH winds (gusting to 30 MPH), which marked the wind chill at just below freezing. But it was a perfect day for a run.

Beides which, it is currently 34 degrees F, and my first thought when I saw that was, "Hmm, I should go out for a run before it gets cold again."


  1. Go girl go!! That's how I gauge my days too -- I better run now because tomorrow/this afternoon it will be too cold.

    But guess what? Today we had -30 windchill. NO WAY! Even underarmor can't help me there.

    I hopped on the trainer with workout #2 which rocks by the way! Thanks again for those. I really felt like I got a workout in.

  2. Hey Jamie,
    Would you shoot me an email: lisa2 at lisadesigns dot com -- I'd like to ask you a question about workouts if that is okay?