Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Yikes, that was a difficult swim workout. I warmed up, drilled, and did a few hard 50s to get the heart going, then I hopped in the SwimEx for my long, continuous swim. Last week I swam 20 minutes; this week I swam 24. And I swear I could tell when 20 minutes had passed, because I felt sooooo tired.

I'm hoping that it's just because I lifted yesterday morning, and my arms are tired from that. Otherwise, I'm going to have to reconsider increasing my volume by 20% every week.


  1. I just stumbled on your blog looking for spinning podcasts I could download. They are non-existant! YOu are sitting on a goldmine here. Anyway, thank you for providing these. I am working towards an oly tri and right now it is -15 windchill, so outside workouts are out of the question. And, my gym only offers spinning at 6am and there is no way I am getting up that early. Normally I use Coach Troy DVDs, but I don't think that high intensity is good every single day. I just downloaded your workout 2 and I am off to try it on the fluid trainer. Thank you again for this! I'll be a regular visitor to your blog.


  2. Hi,
    Wow, you must be online! I am just heading upstairs to try your workout 2-- that's the only one in mp3 and I have a sansa player not an ipod so I can't play the others in m4a on my player :-( I might try and figure out something on my laptop, but the speakers aren't loud enough to hear over the trainer. But hey, I'm grateful to have this mp3 tonight I really don't want to try and go outside!