Sunday, January 27, 2008

Spring is in the Air

Last night, when I got home from work, it smelled like spring

And this weekend, we're supposedly in for a preview.

60 degrees this weekend?! Hurray!

33 MPH winds?! Um . . . maybe I'll stay on my trainer after all . . .


  1. Hehe. Gotta love the midwest.

    When I lived in OK, I used those southerly winds as a training tool. Push for an hour or two into the headwind, turn around and enjoy the ride back.

    But after a few weeks, even that got old, so I'd convince the wife to drive me a hundred miles south and drop me off. The good thing was that there was an outlet mall in that area, so she rarely complained. So I'd get a century in, with howling tailwind, and a hell of a workout, sometimes covering the distance in 4 hours by myself.

    Good fun!

    So get off that trainer and get into the wind.

    It'll likely be windy on race day anyway. ;)

  2. We've got those winds today too. I thought about that -- having someone drop me off 20 mi from home for a good ride in. But now I've got a sick kid home from school, so I too am trainer bound!