Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pictures from Stonebridge Ranch!

Here are pictures of the Stonebridge Ranch Tri, accompanied by some good-natured snarking.

Karma, yakking it up pre-race with some random person. So entrepreneurial, that one.

She was pretty happy with her bike split. Doesn't look so happy here, though, does she?

Wet seal!

You know, 3.1 miles never seems that far when you sign up for a race . . .

First picture of Nikki

Second picture of Nikki

Why are there so many pictures of Nikki (there are more that I didn't post)?

Is it the black fingernails?

Nope, gotta be the smile!

Doo do duh do, coming 'round the corner . . .

Oh shit! There's the photographer! Okay, look tough!

I don't care how bad this hurts; I am not getting passed in the last 100 yards!

Nnnyyyyyeeeeeeerrrrrrooommmm!" (the sound of a plane landing)

And did you see that post-season belly? Oh goodness. I am going on a diet. And by "diet" I mean that I will eat less and healthier food and work out more. You know; what "diet" is supposed to mean.


  1. Fantastic pictures, thanks for sharing! I absolutely love your friend's Lucky Charms top!!!

  2. Hmmmmmmmmm... Why ARE there so many pictures of Nikki, I wonder...

    And I second Leana on the Lucky Charms top!

  3. love the pics.

    and belly? we dont see no stinkin belly.