Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pre-Race: Smithville Cross Festival, Day 2

Note: In my haste to get this post up last night, I failed to link to the rightful owner of this picture (whose cross photos are way better than mine). Sorry, Cross Guru!


Big thanks to Jamie, whose race report inspired me to go out and practice mounting and dismounting this afternoon.

I am totally going to own those flying mounts tomorrow!

Also, if you haven't checked out Manda Pants's blog yet, go read it! She was kind enough to accept some of my mediocre writing for a guest post to her blog (thanks, Pants!)


  1. Hey, that's a cool shot! It looks very similar to one taken by the cross guru :)

  2. Right you are. My fault for not linking properly and giving credit where credit is due :sheepish grin:

  3. oops I never give credit. Half my photos are Roger's & the Other Half Chris'. There credit in a round about manner.

  4. Another one? You are hardcore, girl!

    Also, I can't even *move* the bike 5 feet without falling off. Flying dismounts? Amazing!

  5. Hi Jamie, I love your podcasts - just did a review of them at my site, Hope you do some more! Cheers, David