Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Top 5 Reasons to do Cyclocross - plus - VIDEO!

and . . .

Top 5 reasons to do a cyclocross race

5. Smaller field. Especially for women. Still very competitive, and a little intimidating to be starting on the same line as experienced women. But nowhere near as scary as a mass swim start with 100+ other women.

4. Improves bike handling skills. In the same way that throwing a toddler into the deep end of the pool improves swimming skills. By the end of the race, I was fish-tailing--nearly wiping out--and thinking, "How the hell did I do that, and how can I learn to do it again?!"

3. Cross-training. Think about it: high-intensity, anaerobic cycling (one big, long interval). Running through sand (resisted running). Jumping barriers (plyometrics). Pedaling through grass, mud, and gravel (power intervals). Yeah, go ahead and tell me this sport won't do wonders for your race performance.

2. Builds power. Try sustaining your maximum wattage for 30 minutes and tell me what it does to your fitness. Oh yeah.

Number one reason?

Because one badass sport is simply not enough.

And to finish it all off, here are some links to other bloggers' race reports . . .

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  1. Awesome race report and video!

    Note to self: Be sure to unclip BEFORE starting to run. That video was a little scary.

    Bike Hugger has some really cool instructional videos for barriers/dismounting/etc. I've gotten alright on mounting'dismounting with regular shoes. Now I just have to practice with my bike shoes and clipping/unclipping....

    Tipping your bike over barriers

    Committing with Footwork

  2. hell yea! awesome video!!! i am already drooling, i want a cx bike NOW!

  3. I think it's awesome how we're all getting into CX at the same time. I guess one bad ass sport really isn't enough. Can't wait to see how you too bad asses do!